Why should men advocate for women in the workplace? (Krystina Banahasky, CDO & Zephan Fischl, VP Sales)

Men, if you aren't helping women succeed in the workplace, you're falling behind in your career. Here's why.

Every single professional woman I know has at least one story about being treated differently in the workplace because of her gender or ethnicity. I’ve personally been excluded from meetings and politely told that the opinions I’ve brought to said meetings were unwelcome. Women are talked over. Minorities aren’t given credit. The wage gap is real. I could go on, and it’s easy to think that if it hasn’t happened to you, it’s not your problem. How can YOU make a positive difference as an advocate and a mentor in the workplace? 

Today we have two great guests back again to share their expertise with us. If you missed them, Krystina Banahasky and Zephan Fischl joined us in the last episode to share their best strategies and advice about negotiation. Today, Krystina and Zephan are here to explore just a few reasons why men, in particular, should care quite a bit about these issues. (Spoiler: it'll help you get ahead in your career.) Men and majorities are critical in the fight for equality, and by the end of this episode, you will learn how small but intentional actions from all of us can make significant differences in shaping the future of our workplace together.

Guest Spotlight

Krystina Banahasky

Krystina Banahasky is an ecommerce and digital marketing vet with over ten years of experience at luxury and contemporary brands including Sam Edelman, Anne Fontaine, and Temperley London. Krystina previously served as the Director of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at UNTUCKit, where she oversaw digital strategy, built a digital team of 15, and drove the growth of UNTUCKit revenue from $8 Million in 2015 to $100 Million in 2017.

As ROAM Luggage’s chief digital officer, Krystina currently leads digital business and strategy, sales, marketing, and operational projects following the brand’s recent launch in 2018.

Zephan Fischl

Zephan Fischl is the VP of Sales at ContentSquare and loves coaching people to achieve results only possible as a high performing team. He has spent the majority of his career scaling high growth software companies and advising startups, and his expertise includes value selling, business operations, and people leadership.

While leading sales teams is his primary job function by day, Zephan also enjoys sailing, traveling foreign countries by motorcycle and competing in triathlons.
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