How to write a dating profile that actually works (Em Hammel,

Em from teaches us how to write a great online dating profile. The kind that might land you an actual date.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and in today’s modern dating world, that first impression is often your online dating profile. So today we’re going to talk about how to write a great dating profile that’ll help you stand out from the pack…in the good way.

The wild world of online dating apps

Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OK Cupid,…I mean the sheer number of dating apps and websites available in 2018 is incredible. Maybe you’ve tried a few, or maybe you haven’t, but if you’re anything like me, the thought of writing a dating profile is enough to make you abort mission altogether. How do you write something that sounds like you, doesn’t sound cliche or common, and most of all, makes you sound legitimately dateable?

I have a feeling that my 2013 Tinder profile of Coldplay lyrics and various emojis doesn’t make the cut, so by the end of this episode, online dating expert Em Hammel from will help you write the perfect profile.

What you'll learn

  • Before you even write your profile, Em has a recommended exercise for you to make sure you're targeting the right kind of partner for the relationship you want.
  • Em shares three questions you should ask yourself to help you write your best online dating profile.
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes Em sees people making in their dating profiles?
  • What pictures should you include? (And which should you leave out?)
  • How to make your profile less generic and more inviting to the right partners
Before we go, Em will also share a few before and after examples to really illustrate the power of a great profile, and as a final bonus, Em has a few tips about one last online dating minefield; messaging, aka how to get someone you like on an actual date. You know, IRL.


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Em Hammel is the creator of, where she shares smart online dating advice for men and works one-on-one with clients to write engaging and effective online dating profiles that attract the right women and launch lasting relationships. Her advice has been featured on Lifehacker, Thought Catalog, and on awesome podcasts like this one!

A sucker for all types of online love stories, Em is also the founder of Lumos Communications, where she designs websites and writes compelling copy to help small businesses connect with their dream clients.

Find Em online at


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