How to find your perfect roommate (Cara Zelaya)

Learn how to find the right roommate, including where to search and how to evaluate candidates.

As I’m sure you know, not all roommates are created equally, and that’s why I have a guest here today to share how she found her roommate of two years. Carolina Zelaya is a friend of mine, and when I recently heard how she used Google forms to survey prospective roommates on the internet, I knew I had to bring her on to share more about her process.

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn where to search, what to look for, and how Google forms are involved in the roommate hunt.

What you’ll learn

  • How to establish what you’re looking for in a roommate
  • Where to find roommates in 2018, beyond Craigslist
  • Tips/suggestions on finding a roommate
  • How to narrow down candidates and find the right match for you
  • How to be a good roommate

This week’s guest: Cara Zelaya

Climate and Clean Energy at @NRDC. @UCFBusiness alum. @FordhamGSAS Elections and Campaign Management candidate. Follow Cara on Twitter @carazelaya.

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