How stories influence work & play (Molly Zeff, CEO Flying Leap Games + Rich Lovejoy, Actor)

Molly Zeff (game designer) and Rich Lovejoy (actor) walk into a help us learn more about storytelling.

Imagine that you live in a home that’s all synced up to the Internet of Things. You can turn on the lights with a snap and use your voice to control anything in your house. The only problem is….your vacuum has started going haywire. The whole house is going nuts, and you’re pretty sure your neighbor is to blame. Well, technically you might be to blame since you’ve been using his wifi, although that’s a technicality. But the question is….what do you do? And how is a human pancreas involved?

This is just one scenario question game designer Molly Zeff poses in her game “Wing It,” and in today’s episode, Molly and award-winning actor Rich Lovejoy are here to talk about storytelling in not just the board game, but also our relationships and the workplace. And seriously, the pancreas thing is relevant.

What you’ll learn

  • How stories increase our empathy
  • How stories can build loyalty and trust in the workplace
  • How the game “Wing It” came to be. Hint: cheese is involved.

Molly Zeff, Co-Founder & CEO of Flying Leap Games

Molly Zeff started designing a storytelling party game now called “Wing It” back in 2010 as a hobby with childhood friend Jon Cannon, and after 4 years of creating content and starting rounds of market testing around the country, they began turning their hobby into a business at the same time she started business school back in 2014. Now, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and a few more years of refining and experience, Molly works full time as the head of Flying Leap Games and continues to promote Wing It alongside other games in development.

Richard Lovejoy

Richard Lovejoy is an award winning actor, writer, and narrative expert.

His company, Lovejoy and Morlock, is a comprehensive communications coaching firm that specializes in teaching public speaking and helping brands utilize narrative to navigate an increasingly complex modern world.

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