How can you recover from getting laid off? (Corey Shelton, founder/owner Lime Life Media Co)

Even if you're never been laid off, learn how to be prepared now in case it happens to you.

Getting laid off is like a punch in the gut. Even if you see it coming, it’s still a shock, and until it happened to me, I didn’t realize how little we talk about it. So what DOES happen when you’re laid off? And what should you be doing today in case it someday happens to you?

By the end of this episode, Corey Shelton will help us learn more his journey from a layoff of his own to founding a company, but more than that, we’re really here to answer bigger questions, like “How do you overcome adversity?” and, “How can you prepare for tough setbacks, or things that are out of your control?”

What you’ll learn

  • How you might be able to spot warning signs that your company is in trouble.
  • What you should be doing now to be ready in case your company goes through layoffs (although hopefully you never have to experience this like I did!)
  • Why it is important to establish relationships within the business community you are part of while on stable ground.
  • How to know if you’re ready to get back into the job market after a setback.
  • How to find the intersection between what you love doing and what you do well.
  • How to attach your work to a sense of purpose


Corey Shelton is the founder and owner of Lime Life Media Company, a brand strategy and digital marketing agency. Lime Life Media helps purpose-driven companies build more profitable, market-leading brands that stand out in crowded marketplaces, and their goal is to amplify and drive customer engagement, trust and loyalty.  Corey has worked with nonprofits, startups, authors, and more, but what’s really remarkable about him isn’t just the company he founded. It’s how he got here.

Before starting Lime Life Media, Corey had a corporate job at a mortgage company.  He was part of a massive company-wide layoff that took him from a stable $90k a year salary with benefits to zero job and zero income overnight. The road to founding Lime Life Media hasn’t been easy, but today, he describes himself as a professional encourager who helps others overcome limiting fears, self-doubts, and challenges to live a life driven by purpose.

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