How can I profit from my passion? (Jossie Perlmutter, Chef/Owner Sweet Affairs Charlotte)

Is it really possible for me to earn a living from my passion? This week, Jossie Perlmuttter - chef/owner of Sweet Affairs Charlotte - is here to tell us how she does it.

Is my passion profitable?

“Pursue your passion” feels like common career advice these days. But this week we're asking, “If I want to pursue my passion, how do I actually turn a profit?”

Shows like Shark Tank are more popular than ever before, and it's easy to think that pursuing your passion is the surefire way to achieve the success trifecta: purpose, joy, and of course, a ton of cash. But how do I know if my passion is profitable anyway? And beyond that, will I even enjoy turning my passion into a business, or will that ruin the fun of it all?

Today's guest is Jossie Perlmutter, the Owner and Head Pastry Chef at artisanal dessert catering service Sweet Affairs in Charlotte, North Carolina. By the end of this episode, Jossie will help us understand how she turned her passion for cakes into a legitimately profitable business. Plus, she answers a question I didn't even think to ask. “How do your passions change when one of them becomes your business?”

What you'll learn

  • How Jossie went from being an engineering major in college to the owner and head pastry chef of her own business, Sweet Affairs
  • How Jossie started her business, and specifically how she made sure she'd be able to finance her dream
  • Jossie's advice for anyone thinking of starting a new business
  • How Jossie's passions have changed over time as her business has become her passion
  • How Jossie started an annual fundraiser called Sugar Shock in Charlotte to benefit her community

GUEST SPOTLIGHT: Jossie Perlmutter

Jossie Perlmutter is the Owner and Head Pastry Chef at artisanal dessert catering service Sweet Affairs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Born and raised in the D.C. metro area, Jossie graduated from the University of Miami in Florida with a degree in Entrepreneurship. After years of testing out gourmet cupcake recipes on her friends and family, Jossie followed her passion to France where she received formal pastry training before moving to Charlotte in 2013. After launching the pastry program at Heirloom Restaurant, Joselyn went on to develop the pastry programs at The Asbury and Block & Grinder.

In 2017, Jossie was named the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association’s Pastry Chef of The Year, and today you can find her teaching baking classes in her shared use kitchen, mentoring other small baking businesses, and catering weddings around the Queen City.


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