How can I negotiate my salary? (Krystina Banahasky, CDO & Zephan Fischl, VP Sales)

Learn how to negotiate your salary from two senior leadership members who interview candidates regularly.

How confident are you in a salary negotiation? Most people shy away from negotiation out of fear. Fear of losing the job, fear of being seen as pushy, fear of rejection….the list goes on. But the truth is that your prospective employer or your boss expect you to negotiate. An Elle magazine survey found that 89% of people who negotiated succeed in getting that higher number, so the risk is much lower than most people realize. But I know it’s much easier said than done, which is why I’ve recruited two guests to help us out.

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn how to prep for a salary negotiation, and how to answer some of the tricky questions that might come your way. We’ll also talk about negotiation beyond the money, including how to bring benefits or work flexibility into the conversation. Lastly, we’ll talk about how failing to negotiate could actually cost you the job, and hopefully we’ll empower all of you great listeners to research and ask for what you’re worth.

What you’ll learn

  • The first thing interviewers look for in a candidate.
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • How to answer, “What kind of salary are you looking for?”
  • The power of silence in negotiation
  • How to feel confident asking for a number even if it’s higher than what you’re used to.
  • Why it’s important to keep track of your accomplishments and bring real examples of what you’ve done in the past
  • How to negotiate beyond the base salary amount. (What else can you negotiate?)
  • How to feel confident and prepared for your negotiation.
  • How NOT negotiating is actually hurting your chances at the job. (Employers expect it!)

Guest Spotlight

Krystina Banahasky

Krystina Banahasky is an ecommerce and digital marketing vet with over ten years of experience at luxury and contemporary brands including Sam Edelman, Anne Fontaine, and Temperley London. Krystina previously served as the Director of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at UNTUCKit, where she oversaw digital strategy, built a digital team of 15, and drove the growth of UNTUCKit revenue from $8 Million in 2015 to $100 Million in 2017.

As ROAM Luggage’s chief digital officer, Krystina currently leads digital business and strategy, sales, marketing, and operational projects following the brand’s recent launch in 2018.

Zephan Fischl

Zephan Fischl is the VP of Sales at ContentSquare and loves coaching people to achieve results only possible as a high performing team. He has spent the majority of his career scaling high growth software companies and advising startups, and his expertise includes value selling, business operations, and people leadership.

While leading sales teams is his primary job function by day, Zephan also enjoys sailing, traveling foreign countries by motorcycle and competing in triathlons.
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