Gaby Guzman, creative activist

Gaby Guzman is a Creative Activist living in Miami.


In her own words, "I’m Gaby, a creative activist, strategist, and mamá living in Miami. I’ve learned that success has as much to do with uncovering your truth as it does with having the right strategy to tell your story.

"My soul is fueled by helping women see their vision, step up to it, and tell their story proudly. We do it in a true sisterhood - through energy work, storytelling, and strategy."

Gaby helps women tell their stories and grow their tribes, through impactful and soulful experiences. They dive into the power of abundance through storytelling, branding, and energy work.

She grew up in Dominican Republic and will forever be an island girl happiest under a palm tree at the beach. She lived in NYC many years where she worked in everything from Consulting to non-profit Communications and advertising agencies.

She's a proud "hummingbird" with many passions that range from politics to interior design. Her soul is fueled by creating experiences for intimate connection and supporting local, hole-in-the-wall businesses that make up the heart of Miami.

Connect with Gaby:
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